Thursday, April 21, 2011

SPORT :: Tennis

 {image courtesy of}

Off to play some tennis this morning to celebrate the lovely weather and the fact that I'm officially on Easter break!

It's taking me a while to get a hang of the game but I'm enjoying my attempts. Plus, I promised myself that once I've played for two months, I'm allowed to get a cute tennis skirt. It's all about incentives, my friends!

What's your favorite sport?



  1. great pic... I think I'm tennis addict :-)

    p.s.: I like the name of your blog...

  2. Adorable picture! My best friend and her little sister, they are so good at tennis! Me? Check back in a few months...;)

  3. Can we play tennis together when I'm home? In preppy skorts and potentially visors, too? Love you.

  4. Love tennis!! I want to be the country club tennis mom, but my serving skills have GOT to improve before then!


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