Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FASHION :: Water for Elephants

This weekend, I went to see Water for Elephants which finally came out in theaters and it was just as excellent as I had hoped. I have a horrible fear of movie adaptations but it has been almost three years since I read the book and I think enough time has passed for me to forgive any artistic liberties.

While the plot was wondrous, my favorite parts of WFE were Reese Witherspoon's drop-dead gorgeous outfits. From the slinky evening gowns to her casual headscarves, I'd wear nearly every piece of clothing in the film, even though it is supposed to be based in the 1930s!

Jacqueline West designed the costumes for Water for Elephants.  She has also designed the clothing for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and The Tree of Life (due out later this year).

Above are some sketches that Jacqueline made for InStyle magazine. I am fascinated by Ms. West's ability to bring these sketches to life in the film. Which sketch is your favorite? I'm particularly keen on Reese's red gown.

The time has come or me to continue studying for tomorrow's exam!


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  1. Gosh I just loved all of Reese's dresses in the movie, I think that red dress may be the new green dress from Atonement that everyone was fawning over a few years ago (http://bit.ly/eK2Fel). I want!

    Good luck on your exams!


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