Monday, April 18, 2011

LIFE :: North Carolina Tornadoes

This past Saturday, a storm system ripped across North Carolina. The weather was perfect for tornadoes and a total of 62 twisters touched the ground over the period of a few hours. The devastation is widespread and my own hometown of Raleigh was hit rather hard. Thankfully, all of my family and friends as well as their property is safe, but as of right now, twenty-two people have lost their lives in this storm and countless homes have been destroyed.

I was in Chapel Hill, a few miles down the road from Raleigh, when all of this occurred and it feels very surreal. The storm was not bad in Chapel Hill and within 20 minutes the sun was shining. It is really crazy that tornadoes can cause such destruction in an isolated area and everything else remains unharmed.

My warmest thoughts go out to all those North Carolinians affected by the tornadoes. If you would like to help out after this disaster, please make a donation to the Triangle Red Cross. This money will go to providing shelters and food as people recover and begin rebuilding their lives.


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  1. My prayers are definitely with you in North Carolina! My grandparents live in Arkansas and a tree fell in their backyard barely missing their bedroom.


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