Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FASHION :: Formal Night

This past weekend, I had my sorority formal and I got the chance to get all gussied up. Here's a Polyvore of my lovely outfit:

There are some minor differences, mainly in that I couldn't find my exact dress online. This substitute is gorgeous, but at a whopping $425 it isn't feasible on a college budget. I really, REALLY lucked out with this dress though. I walked into Nordstrom Rack on Tuesday, tried on exactly one dress and fell in love. Even better? It was 60% off the lowest marked price so I was met with a lovely surprise at the register. Final price for the gorgeous gown? $35!! You just can't beat that.

I also wore stunning earrings named after yours truly. If you haven't checked out Modest Peach, do so now. All of the jewelry on Modest Peach is exactly my style. Click on Earrings and then click on Whitney to see my pair.

Here are some pictures of the dress in action:

Tell me, are you more of the dress up type or the dress down type?



  1. oh danggg that sexy lady is my best friend!!

  2. I love to dress up!! Im normally casual so when I get to put on pretty dresses and heels I love it

  3. WoW! How awesome do you look?! I love to dress up....but I love to be casual. hmmmm, probably dress up tops the list though:)


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