Monday, April 11, 2011

LIFE :: Google Reader

Oh jeeze. I try to steer clear of my computer on the weekends but then I have to come back to my Google Reader. Today I had 305 unread posts and after a few minutes reading, I'm only down to 246.

As much as I love Google Reader and every single blog that I follow, maybe I should do a purge soon? It is giving me some unnecessary anxiety and also is tempting me to waste a HUGE block of time as I peruse my own little blogosphere. Do you use Google Reader? How many blogs do you follow?


  1. I have to purge my Apple Mail (where I always RSS my blogs) fairly awesome - my rule is, if I don't get super excited to see a number by your name, you're on probation. If you don't redeem yourself, you're gone. Harsh? Yes. But then I'd come back from a weekend away with 2,304 posts I'm sure!

  2. I routinely have 945 unread posts by the time I go to check it...but I do go unsubscribe to about 5 blogs per reading as well. I usually use Thursday evenings to through my Reader....and it takes a looong time!! I need to cut down on my blogs and really choose what I like.


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