Saturday, May 8, 2010

LIFE :: Story Time: Carolina Cup Killed My Camera

March 27th, 2010 was both the best and the worst of days. It was the day of Carolina Cup, a horse race in Camden, South Carolina.

Fraternity boys and sorority girls from all parts of the South flock to the most preppy tailgating event on the planet. Lilly Pulitzer dresses, big hats, seersucker and madras pants abound. Needless to say, I look forward to this day all year!

Unfortunately, I have awful luck when it comes to technological devices. Really, I have never met another individual who is as accident prone as myself. I should have known not to take my camera and iPhone into the land of prepsters doing kegstands and racing horses. Of course, I brought them along.

In an effort to keep them safe, I put the technological devices into my friend's purse far away from me and my accidents. I'm fairly sure my bad luck rubbed off on her.

Her water bottle, which may not have been filled with water (...), opened within the bag and my iPhone, her Blackberry, and my dear camera went for a nice little swim.

They all met their demise.

I spent the afternoon lamenting the death of all of my electronic devices.

Here are the final pictures my little PowerShot ever took:

South of the Border: a touristy spot (that is kind of gross) on the NC/SC border. We took a picture with Pedro.

Some of the lovely Carolina girlsSome of the handsome Carolina boysRidiculous menswear.

Moral of the story: I really need a new camera. Any suggestions for an inexpensive digital camera?

Second moral of the story: Don't let your electronic devices go swimming.

Third moral of the story: Fraternity boys wear ridiculous (ly wonderful) clothing.


  1. ahhh! I miss Carolina Cup!

  2. HAHAH i enjoy who you have featured in your pic.

    also, electronics can't swim? i was contemplating letting my phone go for a little dip in the pool tomorrow, but T the L i came across this post. Dodged a bullet there.



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