Monday, May 17, 2010

FASHION :: Inspiration: The Hollywood Black Dress

A-listers have always been commended for their fashion know-how both on and off the red carpet. Hollywood darlings have been responsible for new trends in fashion since the silent films of the 1920s. More important than the trends that celebrities spark are the fashions that stars turn into classics.

The black dress has become the epitome of class and sophistication. Here are some of my favorite black dresses from film:

Audrey Hepburn's black sheath dress in Breakfast at Tiffanys is often emulated (but I really don't think any one has pulled it off quite as well as Ms. Hepburn)
Check out the back of the dress. Gorgeous.
In a more recent film, the Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl sported an Armani LBD.
Another great back! I want an LBD exactly like this (though not with the Armani price tag)
Ava Gardner evokes classic Hollywood glamour in The Killers (1946)
Ava Gardner was also a North Carolina native! There is an entire Ava museum in Smithfield, NC.
While I'm team Jen, you can't deny the sexual chemistry between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I bet it was the black dress.

I adore Jennifer Connelly's black dress in A Beautiful Mind. Such an interesting neckline.

Which dress is your favorite? Are there any iconic black dresses that you think belong on this list?


  1. Let's visit the Ava Gardner museum! Speaking of visiting I'm crossing my fingers that I will see you on Saturday!!! =D LOVE

  2. I really like Katherine Heigl's dress. A lot.
    And who doesn't love Audrey's?!
    Every girl needs a LBD.. that's why I have three.

  3. Jen Connelly's is definitely my favorite one of these! So pretty.
    Also, I just thought it was important to mention that Gerard Butler is gorgeous and I want to marry him.

  4. Fabulous picks but my fav is the one Katherine H. is wearing. I have always adored that style neckline!

    xo, becs

  5. Favorite black dresses...other than the one I bought at urban that inches up my thighs with every step making it impossible to move and therefore I must only stand there like an accessory to life (but which did help us sell baked goods for cancer), I love Audrey Hepburn- I read awhile back that that dress was going to be auctioned off and it was all sorts of tiny- the other people they said who could fit in it were Keira Knightley, one of my female crushes for life. I can't think of any black dresses from movies off the top of my head, but you can bet I'll pay attention as I watch now!

  6. It's all about Ava and Jennifer for me! Great choices in pics!

  7. Love all of these gorgeous gowns, but must admit the Audrey Hepburn is my favorite! There is just something extra special about that gown.

    ps. tried to comment on this post a couple of days ago but it doesn't seem to have worked, sorry if this ends up being a double comment.


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