Monday, May 3, 2010

LIFE :: It's Summer!

Today I finished my last final. This can only one thing: IT'S SUMMER!!

I spent the afternoon packing up my belongings and now I'm back home. Of course, my things are all out in the car. Someday I will bring them all inside and unpack. I promise. Just not right now.

I am so glad that I have four months without school work.

Here are a few of the activities that I want to do over the summer:

Have a picnic
Visit the newly renovated North Carolina Museum of Art

{image by Scott Frances}

Go to the Raleigh Flea Market and find some art to hang on my walls
Go to some summer concerts (Backstreet Boys, anyone?)

Visit my best friends in Charlotte for July 4th

Work on my fitness. 5x a week. woo.

So, that's the plan. What else should I add to the list? Suggestions?


  1. YAAAY to our reunion on the 4th. It will be epic - a la Charlotte last summer, but minus the after effects. So excited. And I miss you stilll!

    And the bedroom looks loverly AND the bedding that I plan on stealing from my daddy has that color green in it! hoorah for coordinating.

  2. best. post. ever. the picnic photos are ADORBS! as is the one of us three. cannot waittt for you to come visit!

  3. i like summer but here in Miami is just too hot to enjoy it at this moment... have a nice one!


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