Friday, May 7, 2010

FASHION :: Shopping Secret: Go-Jane

I have a confession to make. I'm obsessed with finding a good deal.

As a poor college student, I very rarely purchase anything that isn't on sale.

Lucky for me (and you), I have found the source for inexpensive sandals! is my secret source for all my summer shoe needs. The majority of sandals are between $10 and $18. Which. is. awesome.

My very, very favorite shoes are ruched white sandals that I bought from exactly one year ago for $13. I wore them every single day last summer and this spring until finally, yesterday morning, they died. I was near tears (exaggeration) and also in a bind because only white shoes would go along with my very cute navy skirt.

I ended up wearing my white Jack Rogers which I hate with a vengeance. Most people love them, but the wooden heel gives me the worst calluses. Comfort is key.

Due to the upsetting death of my favorite shoes, I returned to this morning and purchased three new pairs to compensate:
Woven Design Slingback Sandal,, $12.60
Patent Braided Slingback Sandal,, $10.50

Leatherette Sandals,, $10.90

So, moral of the story is that I got three new pairs of shoes for only $40! I can't wait until they arrive in the mail. I love packages.


  1. OooOo cute!
    and so sad about your white sandals!
    Also- Just got my Jacks for rush... I need to break them in I suppose.
    Maybe I will wear them out to lunch today.

  2. These are all so cute!! I'm especially coveting the yellow ones. Can't believe they are so affordable. And you are a woman after my own heart replacing one pair of shoes with three, love it and would absolutely do the same! =)

  3. I know the shoes you're talking about, I'm sad they met their end! And also I'm confused. YOU exaggerate?! =P

    I love youuu! Hope you enjoyed your orange leaf and jason's today!

  4. LOVE Go Jane! Such a fab secret source. :)


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