Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LIFE :: NCSU Student Senate President

This boy, who I just so happen to be dating, just ran for Student Senate President at North Carolina State University.

{image via The Technician}

Doesn't he just look like a little politician in the making? 

Yesterday was voting day so I spent all day yesterday handing out fliers and trying to convince students at NCSU to vote for the best candidate. The competition was fierce and tensions were terribly high. We anxiously waited up until 3 a.m. to hear who won the contest and unfortunately, Scott's opponent won. We are upset, but Scott did his best and it was a great experience.

He had an AWESOME campaign song (which may have been my favorite part of the campaign). Check it out:

The worst part about political campaigns is that there can only be one winner... and that winner takes all. Onward and upward! On to other things, other interests....

Until later,

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