Saturday, October 23, 2010

FASHION :: Seeing Double Denim

Now I have a very important question. Recently, many of my favorite prepster brands (cough J. Crew and Ralph Lauren) have been pushing an all-jean ensemble. I was taught (okay, self-taught) that it was a cardinal sin to wear a denim shirt/jacket with your jeans. Why are they trying to shake up my clothing-knowledge foundation? Worst of all, I actually like the Chambray shirts that have popped up. A lot. What is this world coming to?

Alexa Chung in double denim. Photograph: Danny Martindale/WireImage, via The Guardian
Chris Pine rockin' double denim, via aptly-named via StyleCaster

Here are the rules for an all denim ensemble, according to Elle Magazine:
1. It's all about the wash. Pair a lighter denim top with darker jeans or vice versa.
2. Break it up with a leather or suede belt.
3. Keep it simple by avoiding acid washed or printed denim (which I think you should be doing anyway)

That doesn't sound too difficult. What do you think? Could you pull off a DOD (Denim-On-Denim) outfit?


  1. i can't really pull off this look but definitely Mr Brady has what it takes... have a nice weekend!

  2. Well, I tried! I grew up with the same rules you did (thanks Mom!)so when it started getting popular last winter (I still have the j.crew winter 2009 catalog) I thought hmmmm....maybe I can try this. Funny story actually: I wore my ensemble to a night class at CSUEB and this guy was looking at me and I was so conscious of the mismatching denims in my outfit that I thought "I wonder if he doesn't approve!"....and promptly realized that he probably didn't even care about mismatching denims!!


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